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About Us  

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Our company was established 1990 in Charlottesville, VA USA, when we
began to fill our customers' needs related to their children's needs and interests. Child Development and Nutrition workshops were first offered. We have branched out into the following areas: 
TUTORING SERVICES are currently offered to all Kindergarten-College age students by Merry Wyatt. Discover what courses she is approved to teach. See & Sign up at: http://www.wyzant.com/Tutors/TutoringbyMerryW for local tutoring at the public library in Williamsburg, VA USA. You may
also request tutoring directly without accessing Wyzant, by going to the CONTACT US page to ask for tutoring either personally at the library OR long distance via e-mail drmwh1@msn.com and/or phone (provide yours)    
Founder Merry Wyatt Moore has tutored/taught preschool, elementary, middle school, high school and college. She belongs to the Virginia Professional Educators. Her best recommendation comes from a current high school teacher in New York whom Merry tutored during the student's junior/senior years at The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA. 

WRITING SERVICES are offered to those composing stories, designing leaflets, or simply putting together a professional resume. Rates are negotiable. Merry earned a writing certificate from The Institute for Children's Literature in CT USA and attended Writers Conferences in Chicago, Charlottesville, and New York. She assisted students with their essays while teaching with Mary Baldwin College of Staunton, VA online and on campus. She worked with University Instructors of Richmond as academic tutor. Merry also authored the two books advertised.

In Appreciation
  • Thanks to all who attended the Gloucester, VA Genealogical Club during the DAR meeting. The Loves of Pocahontas was enthusiastically received by the members, many of whom were descendants of Pocahontas and the Powhatan Native Americans.
  • Thank you for supporting The Loves of Pocahontas book signing at the Visitors Center in the Court Circle during DAFFODIL FESTIVAL in Gloucester, VA where both Pocahontas Matoaka and Merry's only granddaughter Clara Elizabeth Forrest lived.
  • Thank you for supporting TLOP book signing at Historic Jamestowne Island, VA in the Archaearium museum gift shop, the island where Pocahontas fed John Smith and the hungry Englishmen.
Other book signings at Jamestowne and in Williamsburg, VA TBA

*SPECIAL OFFER: Both books are available with Merry's personal autograph in "words of your choice" for $25 (includes postage and handling) each. DO NOT order from the Cart or via Xlibris web site. DO send instructions with your name/address on the CONTACT US page. ALSO follow up with a copy of the same instructions and payment by personal check w/address or money order to: MW & Associates PO Box 3701, Williamsburg, VA 23187.  Many thanks!
Mailing Address: PO Box 3701 Williamsburg, VA 23187 
We accept online orders 24/7 as well as regular mail requests.