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     Children's books that use historical facts mixed with fictional children's events is a fun and effective way for children to learn history. Although our books are written for children and adolescents in both poetry and story form, they are also reader-friendly and educational for adults, as well as useful for teachers, with interesting maps or appendix.

     We realize that in every era and location on our beautiful earth families need stability based upon loving experiences. Making history fun for children provides roots for them by giving both information that connects the children to the past and loving companionship that connects them to the present.  
     E-books are the current popular reading mode, and the new portable tablets like I-Pads, Kindles, & Nooks have proven to be convenient, so 
our two enjoyable books are now also available as e-books from the publisher, as well as from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Sony, etc. To order the e-book style and to view & access both books you may consult http://www.xlibris.com Click Bookstore then Search in upper right corner   
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    Both books in this Cart are printed illustrated 32-pages user-friendly                                      glossy style soft cover hard copy.
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The Loves of Pocahontas
poetry w/Algonquian language appendix
Price: $14.99 $12.99
William's Light Goes Out: A Story of Nags Head & Pirates
brother/sister action story w/treasure map
Price: $15.99 $13.99
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